Moving teacher from good to GREAT!

A dozen brand new specialists spent two full days training for their new role on Henderson ISD’s campuses this fall.

“It’s been an amazing two days,” said Stephanie Bonneau, HISD’s assistant superintendent over instruction and curriculum. “What we’ve had over the last couple of days is a think-tank environment with representation from every grade level, and experienced master teachers, pouring into each other and coming up with plans to help support teaching and learning across the district.”

All 12 of the specialists will work to support teachers in a variety of core subject areas while two of them will concentrate on discipline. While a specialist’s role may, at first glance, seem similar to a campus administrator, Bonneau notes that their job is unique in its laser-like focus.

“They are looking through a different lens,” said Bonneau. “Administrators have a lot on their plates, managing a wide scope of campus issues. This group's sole purpose is to support teachers. We want them to pour into people and help them grow and improve their craft. 

Superintendent Dr. Thurston Lamb led the sessions with Bonneau, touching on topics such as educational philosophy, quality instruction and exactly what supporting teachers looks like.

The specialists also got an overview of the different methods teachers may need to use while teaching in a post-COVID environment and all the uncertainties that brings.

“I’m truly looking forward to working with the team throughout the year,” said Bonnau near the end of the second day. “I’ve seen them getting excited, and honestly, it's contagious. I can’t wait to see how they impact our classrooms, making a difference and moving our district from good to great.